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Model: HPE 125/2500
Type: HPE Series CNC
Product information:

The performance of this type of press brake (bending machine) which is used to bend metal sheet precisely:
Model: HPE series electro-hydraulic  Synchronic CNC press brake
●Equipped with DELEM CNC system made in Holland, and other key parts such as raster display, hydraulic valve, servo motor are all importing products.
●There are two linear scales installed on "C" plates on both sides, which is fixed on worktable to eliminate the effect ion of deflection when working. The raster displayers will inspect the both end positions of ram (Y1, Y2) and send signal. After amplified by CNC amplifier, the signal will be fed back to computer. Then the computer will control the volume of oil, which is going to enter into cylinders. So the parallelism of ram and worktable could be controlled under under the tolearnce 0.01mm.
● DELEM system has automatic testing and self-diagnosis functions. Also, Programming is simply composed of putting in sizes of plate to bend, dimensions of work piece and choosing tools. Then CNC system could calculate the bending force and position of back gauge and ram automatically. Also the ram penetrating and pressing time relay could be calculated.
●Good quality electro-hydraulic proportional valve is adopted to ensure the synchronization of both cylinders as well good capacity to deal eccentric load.
●The stroke of ram and back gauge are all controlled by CNC system with good precision.
● Main sliding parts such as cylinders, piston rod, guide way, are all treated with wear-resistance.
●Back gauge adopts rolling ball screw and rolling guide way, so the repeat positioning precision of X axis could reach 0.1mm.
● Full machine is guarded with safety guard with interlocker to prevent the operator from injured.
CNC control system:
Computer: DELEM CNC system and its performance
● LCD displayer.
● Tool Basement and Program basement
●The synchronization precision of Y1-Y2 could reach 0.01mm and the precision of backgauge is 0.01.
●Two-hand control foot pedestal device
●It is possible for special tooling with different lengths to bend the closed frame workpiece
●Automatic crowned compensation device in worktable is available
●Photo-electricity protection(light sensor) is possible
●Multi-control axis can be requested
●Any tailor-made are available on request.
Standard configures:
Hydraulic system:
HOERBIGER valve (from german) make sure good working, long service life and low noise.
2. NOK oil seal (from Japan) prevents oil leaking with long service life
3.Sleeve type pipe joint to make sure there is no oil leaking
4. HOERBIGER(GERMAN)provide long service life and low noise
Electric system:
1.Schneider or simense electric parts with good quality and easy to replace around the world
Technical Data

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